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Unlocking the Secrets of NS&I's Premium Bonds Jackpot Winners

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Discover the latest winners of NS&I's Premium Bonds April draw and how you can check if you've become a millionaire!

NS&I, also known as National Savings and Investments, is celebrating a remarkable milestone this April as it marks 30 years of awarding lucky individuals with £1 million jackpots through its Premium Bonds scheme. This anniversary has seen over 500 bond holders across the UK become instant millionaires thanks to ERNIE, the famous number generator that determines the winners.

If you're eager to find out who the fortunate winners are in the April 2024 draw, look no further than NS&I's official announcements. Lancashire residents have particularly been in the spotlight, with the region boasting a significant number of jackpot winners. The excitement continues as NS&I reveals the winning bond numbers, making dreams come true for those holding the lucky combinations.

One of the most intriguing aspects of NS&I's Premium Bonds is the unusual case of a saver from Durham who purchased £47,000 in bonds and walked away with a whopping £1 million prize using the winning bond code 466HE388102. This unexpected windfall has left many bondholders checking their own numbers in anticipation of uncovering hidden treasures.

As the April 2024 draw unfolds, the anticipation of whether you could be the next millionaire intensifies. With two lucky players bagging £1 million each in this draw, the allure of the Premium Bonds continues to captivate savers across the nation. Don't miss out on the chance to check your bond numbers and potentially join the exclusive club of Premium Bonds jackpot winners!

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Image courtesy of "IFA Magazine"

NS&I celebrates 30 years of Premium Bonds £1 million jackpots ... (IFA Magazine)

April 2024 marks the 30th anniversary of the £1 million Premium Bonds jackpot, with ERNIE awarding over 500 Bond holders the life-changing sum of money.

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Image courtesy of "The National"

Premium Bond Winners April 2024: Who won in NS&I's (The National)

If you own Premium Bonds or are just curious to see who won the top £1 million prize, look no further. National Savings and Investment (NS&I) has announced ...

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Image courtesy of "Lancashire Telegraph"

NS&I Premium Bond winners in Lancashire for April 2024 (Lancashire Telegraph)

The NS&I has announced the Lancashire April 2024 winners in its Premium Bonds prize draw - see if you've won.

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Image courtesy of "MoneyWeek"

April 2024 Premium Bond winners – did you bag the £1m jackpot? (MoneyWeek)

NS&I has unveiled to lucky millionaires in the April draw. Have you won any Premium Bonds and how can you check for prizes?

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Image courtesy of "Yorkshire Evening Post"

NS&I Premium Bonds April 2024 draw: Winning bond numbers in ... (Yorkshire Evening Post)

National Savings & Investments (NS&I) has announced the winning numbers for its Premium Bonds April draw.

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Image courtesy of "Birmingham Live"

NS&I issues Premium Bonds code which means you're owed £1million (Birmingham Live)

The first £1million prize went to a saver from Durham with the winning Bond 466HE388102, which they purchased when they bought £47000 in Bonds in August ...

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Image courtesy of "Yahoo Finance"

Find out if you were a winner in the premium bonds April 2024 draw (Yahoo Finance)

Were you one of the lucky winners in April's National Savings and Investments (NS&I) premium bonds draw? Once again, two lucky players won £1m each this ...

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